Grant Awards

Domestic Grantees


Code Art

Program support for Art of Coding

Founded in 2016, CodeArt is based in Miami and focuses on encouraging girls to explore computer science through art. The mission is to increase the number of girls studying Computer Science by inspiring them with the creative possibilities of computer programming. Herizon funding allows Code/Art to bring their proven programs to Palm Beach County as an expansion of their innovative “Train the Trainer” K-8 Art Teacher program already well established in Miami-Dade county. Their proven model of success in training art teachers making them feel comfortable leading creative coding lessons includes the following: 1. Provide the art teachers with 12 hours of classroom training, 2. Post training, art teachers will get access to step-by-step video tutorials, detailed lesson plans, and 8 hours of in-classroom support.


EmpowerHER of the Palm Beaches

Program support for Leadership Academy for Girls

EmpowHER is a local non-profit organization founded in 2015. Their Leadership Academy for Girls program introduces a diverse group of Palm Beach County junior and senior high school girls to women-led organizations and focuses on job shadowing, interview skills, resume writing, effective communication both written and verbal, higher education choices and career exploration. The program was birthed out of a need to facilitate and cultivate young women to envision a future where they discover and embody their leadership strengths in any industry that currently exists or forge a pathway into a new area or industry, or another industry or profession not presently dominated by women.


Gender Equity in Hiring Project (GEiHP)

Program support for workshops: gender equity advocacy, ask for it negotiations, and building opportunities to lead differently

The Gender Equity in Hiring Project works to remove gender bias from hiring and employment processes in Jewish organizational life to help women rise to positions of leadership. Herizon funding will bring two core programs and a pilot program to Palm Beach County transforming our communal culture into one of equity, justice, and respect. In the last year, GEiHP has: ● Welcomed 4 cohorts of Gender Equity Advocates, representing 65 professionals across the field. Trained 85 Jewish professionals to successfully negotiate, in 11 Ask For It Negotiation Workshops ● Gathered 6 working groups supporting advocacy, like the Salary Range Transparency Working Group ● Coached 78 Jewish professionals to support their advancement and lift their voices as leaders. Putting Jewish values of equity and justice into action as we build Jewish workplaces that tap into the best of our talent.


GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute

Program support for Theatrical Motion

GBDC Entrepreneurship Institute (GBDCEI) is a non-profit established in 2014 whose vision is to have a tangible impact on the unemployment of youth, homeless and disenfranchised citizens of Florida. Their programs have impacted over 50,000 children and young adults since. Theatrical Motion employs young women in PBC ages 15 to 22 who live in disenfranchised communities. This platform provides the troop an artistic outlet to tackle social, financial, and mental health issues while helping other youth in the community develop coping mechanisms. Theatrical Motion is designed to build confidence in young performers through rehearsals and the performance. They gain experience and build self-esteem while earning valuable income. They are also exposed to professionals such as scriptwriters, directors, actors, and producers. They deliver relevant messages on serious topics through a nontraditional teaching method creating social change in the process.


Milagro Center

Program support for Girls Go Build

Since its inception in 1997, Milagro Center is a nationally-accredited, licensed, and often-awarded nonprofit Its mission is to ensure the social and academic success of at-risk youth through cultural arts education, academic support, and mentoring. This benefits not only the youth served but their families and the community as a whole. With this grant, they will expand the Girls Go Build program. The construction industry desperately needs women, is in high demand, pays well, and has a minimal gender wage gap. But, women are sorely underrepresented – only 9% of the workforce. Girls Go Build is an innovative, hands-on learning program. Milagro Center is partnering with the City of Delray Beach, area private businesses, and other nonprofit organizations to introduce economically-challenged, academically at-risk MS and HS girls from underserved PBC communities to career opportunities in the construction industry.


Women’s Foundation of Florida

Program support for Statewide Advocacy Program

The Women’s Foundation of Florida focuses on investing in women and girls to encourage leadership and positively affect their economic, political, and social status. The WFFL Statewide Advocacy program will grow and deepen coalition work across FL and leverage partnerships to amplify the voice for women and girls in the legislative process through direct and indirect actions. Funding will be used towards a staff person based in Tallahassee to highlight and uplift women and girls. The Program’s overall goal is to become a presence in the capitol during Session and to be a resource for FL Legislators on policy and issues that affect women and girls. Through education and relationship building, we will have the ability to influence legislators to not only pay attention to how their policies affect women and girls, but will have them coming to us to ensure they are on the right track.

Israeli Organizations


Israel Women’s Network

Program support for a Russian-speakers hotline

Established in 1984, IWN is Israel’s leading feminist lobby organization, working towards widespread institutional and legislative reforms of women’s rights. Herizon is funding an informational employment rights legal aid hotline specifically for Russian-speaking women to address issues they may encounter in the workplace. IWN will offer free consultation from legal aid lawyers via phone, Zoom meetings and workshops, to Russian-speaking women in order to improve their status and wellbeing. Employment among Russian-speaking women is generally high and concentrated in contract work. Often, they are not aware of their workers’ rights including social security, pay, pensions, etc. Detailed data from our hotlines will be made publicly accessible to beused for research and to promote policy and legislation that will lead to an equal opportunity workforce. Based on this data, IWN will work with policymakers and employers to abolish discriminatory practices and policies.



Program support for workforce training

Itworks mission is to promote the economic success of marginalized populations by closing wage gaps and diversifying the skilled workforce in Israel. Working nationwide, itworks provides disadvantaged populations throughout Israel with in-demand tech training, professional skills and job placement assistance, helping them launch new careers in Israel’s thriving hi-tech industry. There are over 130k single-parent families in Israel with women heading 88% of these homes. Many single mothers in Israel do not receive support from their former spouse and the amount they receive from government aid does not cover their costs. These factors allow the cycle of poverty to continue and further the employment and income gaps. Since 2017 Itwork’s Single Mothers project helped 500+ women lift themselves out of poverty into solid careers. The Single Mothers program provides vocational training, soft-skills training, and job placement and has a success rate of more than 75%.


La O’Fek

Program support for Achotenu Nurses Program

La’Ofek empowers individuals from Israel’s vulnerable sectors to successfully integrate into the workplace and build greater financial stability, which will in turn bolster their families and communities from within. Its multi-pronged programs are grounded in three pillars: guidance towards academic tracks while building strong skill sets, individual mentoring, and financial assistance. La’Ofek was initially launched in response to the 85% unemployment rate among Ethiopian-Israelis. Achotenu empowers this group to gain entry to higher education and successfully complete their studies which enables them to find stable employment in the fields of nursing and occupational therapy. La’Ofek provides ongoing support throughout the entirety of their degrees, including tuition, dormitories, tutoring, counselling and living subsidies.


Women’s Spirit

Program support for Breaking the Bind

Women’s Spirit, founded in 2007 promotes economic independence of Israeli women survivors of violence, strives for social change from a feminist perspective, and is committed to social and gender justice. They provide women with long-term, personally tailored solution, to help them break the cycle of violence and rebuild their lives. A woman cannot protect herself and regain control of her life if she is not financially stable. Women’s Spirit works on three levels: Individual –tools, trainings and knowledge to find employment and become financially independent. Societal – recruiting and training professional volunteers and business that provide support and guidance with training’s, networking and job placement. Political – Women’s Spirit has taken its work with individuals and spearheaded legislation on behalf of women survivors of violence.