Membership Levels & Benefits


(40 and under)

$1,000 a year for 3 years


$2,000 a year for 3 years


$5,000 a year for 3 years



$50,000 payable over 5 years



$100,000 payable over 5 years

Trustees may upgrade to a higher level at any time. Cumulative membership payments will be applied towards the total upgrade amount.



Women who want to be part of a like-minded community and invest the success of Herizon are invited to join as Trustees. Trustees vote on key governance issues and can participate in Herizon’s inclusive grantmaking process as well as all committees.

Susan Alpert

Jamie  Beale Howe

Jennifer Bellis

Marjorie Berg

Sandra Bornstein

Elizabeth Chroman

Sarah Cohen

Carol Crawford

Julie Cummings

Joan Daniels

Gail Danto

Lynne DuVivier

Deborah Dwork

Amy Eisinger

Elissa Faintuch

Tamara Faintuch

Ellen Falk

Maxine Fechter

Lynn Feig

Barbra Francisco

Edith Gelfand

Rona Goldstein

Gail Greenberg

Alana Faintuch Hoch

Suzanne Holmes

Mona Joffe

Linda Katzen Swartz

Diane Kershenbaum

Susan Kline

Brenda Korach

Myrna Landay

Clare Lesser

Tami Lesser

Syndie Levien

Gail Levy

Vivian Lieberman

Rachelle Litt

Deena Lockman

Paula Lustbader

Penny Miller

Barbara Mines

Marilyn Mitzner

Anita Naftaly

Cara Ovadia

Cindy Pollack

Katie Prince

Caroline Rafferty

Liz Reitman

Lorraine Rogers – Bolton

Janice Romley

Martie Sachs

Cady Sandler

Suzan Sankel

Lisa Schneider

Carla Schwartz

Judith Selzer

Jane Shalam

Susan Shulman Pertnoy

Shirley Siff

Marlene Silver

Denise Silverman

Hope Silverman

Sydelle Sonkin

Frances Stern Lashinsky

Caryn A. Stevens

Lauren Stuhmer

Diane Tohn

Beth Wayne

Helene Weingarten

Bonnie Weissman

Laurie Winston

Laura Yorks


GEMs sustain Herizon’s ability to provide educational programming and advocacy activities to members and the local community by committing to automatic monthly donations that support our work. Like Trustees, GEMs are smart and passionate and want to be part of a community of women with shared values willing to invest their time as well as their philanthropic dollars.

GEMs are non-voting members with access to members-only educational and social events, and the ability to participate on the Annual Campaign Committee, Programming Committee, and Professionals Network Committee.


(40 and under)

$36 a month

Liz Cabral

Alyse Comiter

Alissa Dhawan

Melissa DiNuzzo

Carolyn Ware


$72 a month

Lori Berman

Trudy Bilfeld

Debra Brandt

Erin Forster

Linda Geller-Schwartz

Felicia Goldstein

Diana Gould

Eva Hausman

Linda Roman

Debra Weinstein

Shari Weinstein

For more information about membership, please contact Jennifer Kryshka, CEO, at (561) 275-2194 or